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Insanity Nutrition Guide

I felt the need to post this article because so many of the people I’m coaching through Insanity tell me that they can’t afford the food in the Insanity Elite Nutrition Guide. I’ve done Insanity twice and I can tell you nothing is further than the truth!

My suggestion for everyone who has asked me this question is to look through the nutrition guide again, but this time carefully. When we first get a new workout program, we can be very excited to start and just glance through the guidebooks that come with it. And when you just quickly flip through the nutrition guide you might not see all the affordable meal options in there.

The Insanity Elite Nutrition Guide has you eating 5 meals per day. The base for the program is 1500 calories with each meal coming in around 300 calories. You have the option to add more if you’re caloric needs require more food. There are several different options for each meal (breakfast, mid-morning meal, lunch, mid-afternoon meal and dinner). Look through the nutrition guide and pick the meals that are the most economical for each part of the day.

I follow a plant-based way of eating (no meat, no dairy, no eggs), but I know a lot of my readers do eat dairy and eggs. So here is an example of what an inexpensive day with the Insanity Elite Nutrition Guide could look like:

Meal 1 – Cereal Bowl on pg 20

Meal 2 – Yogurt Bowl on pg 27

Meal 3 – Whole Wheat Pasta With Vegetables & Feta on pg 37

Meal 4 – Insanity Special Nut Butter & Jelly Sandwich on page 40





Meal 5 – Dinner Omelet on pg 49

I highlighted some of the meat free meals because if you’re trying to save money, you might want to cut down on your consumption of meat. You will still be getting plenty of protein in as well as some healthy carbs. I eat vegan so I don’t do dairy or eggs and that saves me more money!

So before you think you just got into something you can’t handle with the nutrition plan, think again! You can do this!

I’d love to hear from you! What is your favorite inexpensive meal?

Love & Light!



106 Responses to “Insanity Nutrition Guide”

  1. Marisa says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for all of your really helpful posts!
    I’m really interested in starting Insanity, but I’m worried about the nutrition guide that comes with it. I’ve been reading your replies to other readers’ questions about the Insanity Workout and I noticed that you were stressing the importance of following the nutrition guide. I’m a strict vegetarian with vegan tendencies and the idea of an omelet for dinner is really unappealing. Since you stated above that you’re a vegan I was interested to hear whether you followed a modified version of the Insanity nutrition guide or just stuck to a healthy vegan diet. Please let me know- this is the only thing standing between me and Insanity!

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Marisa! Great questions and so happy to hear that you are almost vegan too! I just recently became a vegan in April. I just started Chalean Extreme in June (I did a little bit more of Les Mills Pump after finishing the Ultimate Reset), and I have been following a healthy vegan nutrition plan. But there is also another option you can try and that is Club membership with Team Beachbody. You get free custom meal plans and 10% off all Beachbody purchases. They have a Power Vegetarian plan that will work with all the Beachbody workouts. Another options is P90X2. That nutrition plan comes with vegan and gluten free options because at the time, Tony Horton was vegan. You can check out the club membership here https://teambeachbody.com/signup/-/signup/club?referringRepId=37971 and you can check out P90X2 here http://teambeachbody.com/shop/-/shopping/X2-Base?referringRepId=37971

  2. Brindy Adams says:

    Hi! I’ve been trying to follow the Insanity Meal plan…I was wondering if it mattered that I choose a meal from each of the 5 meal sections throughout the day or if I can eat whatever meal I want at whatever time of day. I hope that makes sense. Some things are just easier to throw together than others, so I would rather grab the bowl of cereal they suggest for lunch, instead for my snack. THANKS!!

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Brindy! You can mix meals up!! They’re all the same number of calories. BUT make sure you are getting enough veggies please!

  3. Jordan says:

    I recently started Insanity but I don’t have the nutrition guide. I was wondering if just eating clean (& have 5 300cal meals per day) would still give good results. I’ve been reading up on reviews and a lot of people are saying there were almost zero results when they didn’t follow the nutrition guide. Also, are there any extra “supplements” that it absolutely requires? The only thing I have is Whey protein powder.

  4. whitney says:

    hi i was wondering if i really have to follow the meal plan i dont have that much time to cooking alot if i just eat healthy and watch my cals can that work the same way thanks

    • Jessica says:

      The recipes in the Elite Nutrition Guide are really easy. They’re probably the easiest recipes out of any Beachbody program. How were you planning on eating without cooking? Going out to eat isn’t the best idea. For instance I ordered a salad from a restaurant and came to fine out it had over 1200 calories in that one meal. I’d suggest re-reading the Elite Nutrition Guide and finding the easiest recipes in there and sticking with those :)

      • JAMES says:

        Hi Jessica.

        i really want to try out this work out.

        as i cant afford it im borrowing it of my friend but he doesnt have guide due to moving house he cant find it. i just want to know the best 5 meals to have a day. i dont mind eating the same each day either, makes things a little easier. also i would like to know the best times spread out through the day to eat these meals and the time which is best to eat the last meal. also im fairly big in size would this work out still work for me in 60 days.
        kind regards

        • Jessica says:

          Hi James! First see if you can have your friend call Beachbody at 800-470-7870 and see if they can replace his nutrition guide. If he bought it from Beachbody or through a Team Beachbody Coach, they might send him a replacement.

          If that options doesn’t work, you can sign up for the Club Membership with Team Beachbody at http://www.fitiwthjessica.com It’s $39 for 3 months of membership, but if you don’t like it within 30days you can get a full refund. What you get is a custom meal plan wizard that will work perfectly with Insanity. And you also get 10% off all purchases. Timing of meals depends upon your daily schedule and how your body responds. Ideally you want to eat every 3-4 hours. But there are times I eat every 2 hours if my meals are smaller. You want to feed your body nutrient dense foods. You want to eat breakfast, mid morning, lunch, mid afternoon, dinner and maybe another small snack/meal after that if needed.

          Yes, 60 days will help you. You just need to put the work in and follow a good meal plan. Nutrition is 70-80% of getting in shape. You mention that you’re big in size, so you need to make sure you eat enough calories to keep your fire inside of you going. Lots of people make the mistake of cutting way back in calories and wind up failing miserably. This is why I suggest signing up for the Club Membership and if you need to cancel it.

  5. Elise says:

    Hey Jessica! I’m also a vegan and I’m almost through month one of insanity. My eating was really good at first, but my hunger was so off that my friend suggested I eat more and now I’m not as healthy. I live on a college campus, so it’s more difficult to find healthy vegan-friendly options. What are some meals you used throughout? Did they all require a kitchen?

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Elise! I highly suggest following the Elite Nutrition Guide that comes with Insanity (there is a section in the back that explains good non-meat, non dairy subs). College life can be rough on your nutrition if you let it. But you need to be strong and say no to the bad choices and yes to the good ones. I get my protein from nuts, beans, quinoa and I use Shakeolgoy Vegan Tropical Strawberry. If you have a Whole Foods near you, check out some of their prepared vegan options, but make sure you make wise choices. Just because something is labelled vegan doesn’t make it healthy. Any of the vegan recipes I have on this website would be great to eat while doing Insanity. Make sure you’re eating enough and don’t skip meals.

      • Jordan says:

        hi i work full time at a call center and im 135 5’11 , i wanna do insanity and get ripped but i wont be able to do the nutrition or since im doin calls all day , should i just not bother with this program

        • Jessica says:

          Jordan, at 5’11″ and only 135 you;re going to have to make sure you eat enough so you don;t get too skinny. If you worl on a call center, bring your meals with you. Eat them on breaks.

  6. andy smith says:

    hi jessica,
    I work a variety of shifts so its hard to keep on track wiv 5 meals a day,,,what can i do to replace these meals and still consume the calorie intake??? would protein shakes do the trick??? Help.

    Regards andy

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Andy! I know it can be tempting to fall back on protein shakes & bars, but I recommend only using one or two supplements a day. Whole foods are best. Is there any way you can pick a day on the weekends to prepare a bunch of foods to take with you to work or eat at home?

  7. Sean says:

    Hey Jessica, in the meal plan, it gives you several food options for meal 1, 2, etc. Is it okay to eat one food from meal 1, and eat another meal from the same list for meal 2? For example, the insanity nut sandwich and the tuna tomato salad are in meal 4. Could I eat the tomato salad for lunch and the sandwich for the mid-afternoon meal?

  8. Jacky says:

    Hi Jessica

    I finished month one of Insanity but without the nutrition guide
    I want to start follow the nutrition guide but I can’t get it or register to beachbody website ’cause i’m from Israel and the membership is only for U.S/Canada residents.. So how can I get the guide?

    Also my work got me working 1 week in a day shift and then 1 week of night shift and it’s pretty hard to follow a diet plan with those shifts
    I aprriciate any advise you may have

    Thank you

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Jacky, the minimum caloric requirements for Insanity is 1500 cals broken out in 5 small meals at 300 cals each. The meals all consist of complex carbs & a protein. Complex carbs would be either whole grains, veggies or fruits and your proteins would be eggs, peanut butter, chicken, fish, or tofu/tempeh for vegan.

      If you can I’d prepare your meals for that week and bring a cooler to work each day so you can eat healthy at work.

    • Dan says:

      I too work shifts and the only way I manage to ensure I have enough nutrition is to oven cook my chicken breast in advance and then take it into work in tupperware, and eat it cold, if I don’t have chance then I buy cooked chicken breast from supermarket. I also use protein shakes and get extra carbs from Maltodextrin powder. This may not be ideal for you though not sure.

      I will admit that my work is easygoing so it is not difficult for me to ensure I get the meals but I’m sure it could be done.

      My advice would be to sit down on a rest day and think a lot about it, your levels will depend on what you want to achieve but given 1g Protein/Carbs = 4 cals and 1g fat = 9 cals its much easier to work out than you might think. For the maths its easy – decide how much of each macro you want say 45% Protein, 35% Carbs, 20% Fat – just an example – and then multiply the amount of calories you want to eat say 1500 by the decimal value of each percentage, and then divide by the number of cals in a gram – (1500*0.45)/4 = 168.75g Protein per day.

      Keep it that simple and you should be alright – the values don’t matter just find what works for you!

      I put together a meal plan on the computer and then used that to take my food into work – for the past 3 weeks I have eaten chicken breast, vegetables and protein shakes and little else, although am now eating oats for breakfast and was eating pasta right after training. It takes time and is frustrating but I’m sure you can find a plan that works for you.

      • Jessica says:

        Hi Dan, good advice! As you demonstrate, nothing is impossible and when the will is there you will find a way :)

  9. Lana says:

    Hi! I actually borrowed the insanity dvds from a friend but I have a nutrition guide from the Brazil buttlift plan… would it be ok to use that with insanity?

    • Jessica says:

      Well, BBL is has a lower caloric intake than what Insanity would have you using. The minimum calories for Insanity is 1500. But without knowing your age, height, weight I can’t give you an exact amount of what you need.

  10. Ashley says:

    Hi Jessica, I just got Insanity yesterday. I am currently in the middle of P90X. Well day 60. I have gained 7lbs and have not lost one pant size. So I am a little frustrated. I am positive I was not eating enough calories. I was netting 1400 for the day after the workouts. I ordered Insanity because I was referred by a FB post on the P90X website. I am going to start Insanity on Sunday then do P90X from scratch after Insanity is complete. I have problems sticking with the diet plans due to food allergies. I am allergic to all tree nuts, milk and whey protein. I also do not eat red meat (I got ecoli a few years back and was in the hospital for a week). So using Shakeology is not an option for me unfortunately. I also am up at 4AM everyday and drive 90 min to work. So making breakfast in the morning is very difficult for me as my office has no oven, Only a microwave. I normally pack lunches from home from what I made for dinner the night before. I do the workouts right when I get home from work around 5:30 and eat dinner around 645-7. I am in bed by 8:30. So I am unsure if eating so close to bed is a factor in not losing weight but with my hours at work this is my only option. I find it hard to consume the amount of calories I need to. Is the calorie amount realistic? I am 27 years old, 5’7 and I weigh 165. P90X wanted me to eat 2400 and Insanity 2150. Is that the net after the workout? Or the amount of calories to consume for your entire day then subtract out your calories burned to get your net?

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Ashley, okay, one reason you may be gaining weight with P90X is you might not be drinking enough water. You may be retaining water and need to flush it out. Also, yes, the caloric intake is realistic. It takes in account your gender, age, etc. So you may be under-eating. But I feel you could probably up it to 1800 instead of 2400 and 2150. But ,my calculator is showing 2100 for you to lose some weight doing P90X and the same with Insanity.

      You can eat close to bed as long as it’s not a really heavy meal. Some people actually claim to lose weight by eating a light snack before bed. You do not need to eat red meat to get enough protein.

      As far as Shakeology goes, there is a vegan formula which you might want to look into. I use it and love it! I hope I answered some of your questions.

  11. Danielle says:

    Hi Jessica, I just started Insanity on March 10th and still going strong. However, I did not start following the nutrition guide until today. I generally eat extremely healthy with the occasional slip up on the weekends. I typically consume 1200 calories or less. I’m 5’5″, 31 years old and I weigh around 135. I hope to lose 10 lbs. and really tone up. I’ve never been athletic and never played any sports. I do have a neck and back injury, so I go at my own pace and I’ve made it through each and every workout w/ some advil afterwards here and there haha! My question is how many calories should I consume and if I can’t finish the meal is that ok and I can just toss it? Too full at every meal. Today it was really tough for me to even begin to eat my 2nd snack of the day. Thanks for your help! Danielle

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Danielle, you don’t need to force feed yourself. If you;re not hungry don’t force it, but make sure you’re lack of hunger isn’t from drinking coffee. You want to make sure you;re feeding your body what it needs and sometimes caffeine can mask that. So if you are drinking coffee try to cut back a little :) Also make sure you;re drinking lots of water too. When I ran your numbers you should actually be eating around 1900 cals to lose some weight doing Insanity. Your appetite may pick up so, let’s see hat happens. I know it sounds weird that you need to eat more to lose, but it does work. Try to stick to the meal plan. Again if you drink coffee, limit that :)

  12. Dan says:

    Hello, am thinking about trying insanity as I have found other workout routines either rely to heavily on supplement (£360+) or simply are unrealistic (the bizzy diet – shape up in 21 days doing 4 intense workouts a week, incl HIIT and high rep low weight lifting). Although bizzy diet may work if I was to take all the suggested supplements I don’t have the money to buy all of them.

    Before I commit to trying insanity it would be helpful to have an idea of the supplement/nutrition – you say above whole foods are best and the nutrition plans are simple and affordable but don’t mention much about supplements.

    I currently have Protein, BCAA, Maltodextrin, All in One Shake, Cutting Stack and Omega 3,6 and 9. Once this stock is gone I do not intend to buy any more unless they come recommended with insanity. If you can provide some guidance – I may need different ones to what you used but some idea would be helpful. Many Thanks

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Dan, the Insanity Nutrition Guide is very easy and not heavy on supplements at all. They give you a lot of choices for all 5 meals. You can totally do Insanity by not using lots of supplements at all :) The nutrition guide does have a recipe for a protein smoothie, as well as a recipe using Shakeology (but that’s only avail in the US & Canada). Other than that all of the recipes are whole foods.

  13. Elena says:

    Hi,i just got insanity yesterday,i read the elite nutrition guide,and i saw that some meals “contains” shakeology,protein powder and these stuff,i can t affort buying them from beachbody.com or everywhere else,is that a problem that i dont include them in my meals?i mean, i could eat veggies fruits healthy meats….but that.. I don t know..(sorry for my english, i m not american.. Or english.) oh, and.. The insanity t shirt.. If i didn t purchase the kit from beachbody, is there a chance to get it if i send them a before and after pic? I m from europe ;) thanks and i m waiting for an answer.

    • Jessica says:

      The Shakeology is just an option and not mandatory. But it only costs about $4 per serving and is a whole meal. If you didn;t purchase Insanity through Beachbody or a Team Beachbody coach you will not be eligible for the t-shirt.

  14. John says:

    Hiya Jessica I would just like to ask is it possible to Achieve amazing results with insanity without following the diet because I was just gonna eat healthy and eat protein foods etc and carbs but my problem is work I Wouldn’t have time to eat all the five meals or even prepare then then the price because you need to eat them five times a day it would be difficult do you have any suggestions that could help me as I really wanna do insanity and want great results butu problem is getting me down :( HELP !!!

    • Jessica says:

      John, anytime you deviate from the way the program was written and designed you run the risk of not getting the results you desire. I understand that life gets busy and schedules aren’t easy, but the nutrition guide for Insanity is made for busy, working people. Nothing hard at all. and nothing is expensive at all in there. And you can prepare meals in advance. Invest in some good containers and some freezer packs to keep in a cooler and bring that to work with you. That’s what my husband does.

  15. madalina says:

    Hi Jessica,
    I am willing to give 100% to Insanity but I find it difficult to keep up with the calorie diet . I know that the easier diet that works for me is Dr.Atkins’s diet.
    Please advise on how to tackle this.

    • Jessica says:

      Atkin is too low in carbs for Insanity which is a cardio based program. The caloric intake varies from person to person. I took in about 1500 and that was easy because it’s broken into 5 small meals.

  16. Danielle says:

    Hey Jessica! I borrowed the Insanity workout from a friend but she never gave me the nutrition guide…would the result still be the same if I work out but only eat fruits and veggies?

  17. Wendy says:

    So great to read your post. I am looking into starting insanity and also eat a plant based diet. Wanted to know if the program worked with a plant based diet, as many do not encourage it, so to speak. What was your starting weight and end results? Thx.

    • Jessica says:

      The Elite Nutrition Guide has a section with vegan and vegetarian options as well as some vegetarian meals :)

      • Cristina says:


        I’m doing insanity and I am 39 years old. I weight 158 and I am 5’2″
        Can I stay on the 1500 and loode weight or do I need to eat more?

  18. Mike says:

    This post and the responses are very informative and I appreciate them very much.

    I am 5’9″ tall, 36 years old, and weighing in at 180lbs. I am on day 10 of insanity. Previous to this I have been going to the gym (for the last year) but my weight has not been subsiding. I have been gaining muscle strength but I realized that my cardio endurance wasn’t improving and my weight isn’t going down.

    At the moment I do not follow the meal plan but I do split my meals to 6 intakes a day (and i don’t eat/drink junk).

    So my question is, for a person of my size/weight/age, do you have any caloric recommendations for me? Also, will insanity work for me at my age? I sometimes tend to skip a night due to work reasons. Thanks.

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Mike! Okay you need to be eating about 2400 calories per day doing Insanity. And yes, Insanity will work at your age! And 36 isn’t old!! Skipping one night now and then shouldn’t cause you to have bad results. Just make sure you stick to eating clean and drinking lots of water.

  19. Antoine says:

    Hello, Im starting INSANITY on Monday but my biggest issue is that im allergic to fish, tree nuts, and eggs, to which they have substitutes for both fish and eggs but everything, since i have to take in 560 cal a meal, pretty much tells me to add some sort of nuts and I cant seem to find a viable substitution for this issue, Id really appreciate the help.

  20. Fernie says:

    Hi, my wife and I are thinking about starting Insanity. We are both about 20 to 25 lbs. overweight but I am in my mid 40s and she is in her late 30s. Would this work for us?


    • Jessica says:

      Fernie, if you and your wife stick to the nutrition guide and do the best you can without getting discouraged, yes you can both do this!

  21. Jordan says:

    Hi jessica… i work full time at call center Can still do insanity? I mean i can the workouts when i get home but how am i going to eat 5 meals a day when im takin calls all day???

  22. Kelly says:

    Hi, I have done Insanity last year, however did not follow the meal plan. I have just started again and am following the meal plan to every detail. However some of the meals don’t say the exact amount of vegetables to include, e.g. Grilled chicken salad tells you the exact amount of chicken, greens etc but not cucumber, also one of the food blocks says 1 boiled egg with baby carrots, but doesn’t say how many baby carrots. would this mean it does not matter of the exact amount?

  23. Whitney says:

    Hi! This is my second week on insanity. I’ve decided to start following the meal plan, but due to dietary restrictions (I don’t eat gluten, soy or diary) I’m finding it hard to follow. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Jessica says:

      Stick to the meals that don’t have gluten products or use a gluten free sub. And use almond milk instead of dairy and skip the soy.

  24. Cheryl McLauchlan says:

    Hi Jessica I just started insanity yesterday. I like others find it very expensive to eat 5 times a day but I’m going to give it a try to see if its possible on a budget. I’m not a fan of plain greek yoghurt, nuts, peanut butter or cottage cheese and probably several other things so think I’m going to find it difficult with the snack options as I note a lot of the options include protein powder which again is something I cannot afford. I worked out that I need to eat 2100 calories a day which seem very high for me. If I stick to between 1500-1800 calories a day will I still get the same results?

    • Jessica says:

      Cheryl, you can eat 5 times per day very inexpensively. Just pick the meals from the guide that include inexpensive ingredients.

  25. Arlene says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve just started insanity, and I normally have breakfast, protein shake, lunch, afternoon snack, and then dinner, but I get hungry alot at night time, and I normally reach for a snack (Its usually healthy), but I was wondering is it ok to eat a snack after dinner? Will that affect my results? Also, what if you go over 5-6 meals a day sometimes, because on some days I’m alot more hungry then others, and I find that even if I do have a snack after dinner, I’ll be hungry again after that?

    • Jessica says:

      I always eat a snack after dinner! It’s something I did as a kid. As long as its not a huge, heavy meal you should be fine! If you notice that you;re gaining weight, then evaluate :)

  26. Sherry says:

    I just received Insanity and completed the Fit Test. I reviewed the meal plan and was wondering if I would see results if I follow Weight Watchers plan alongside Insanity?
    Thank you

    • Jessica says:

      Sherry, that really depends. You;d have to make sure you eat the calories your body needs and remember not all calories are created equal.

  27. Aliana says:

    Will i lose weight on insanity if i only eat fruits and veggies?

    • Jessica says:

      With Insanity you need to eat carbs for energy. You can get those from fruits & veggies, but you may want to add in some whole grains as well and I’d add in some healthy vegan protein sources.

  28. Shawnna L. says:

    Hi jessica,
    Im 5’2″ 29 years old and I am about 145lbs. Im really petite but with a hour glass figure..I just started Insanity. ..on my second day and I dont have the meal plan… what would be my caloric intake?

  29. Claudia Pimentel says:

    Hi Jessica
    I have a question?
    Four months before I have a c section. Can I do insanity workout? Or how many time I have to wait to start this workout?
    I’m 33 , my weigh is 127 and my height is 5.2 also I’m a breastfeeding mom.
    How many calories I need to eat?

    Thank you

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Claudia, You should always check with your doctor after having a c-section. You will probably want to eat around 2000 calories with breastfeeding and intense exercise.

  30. Brianna says:


    I’ve been doing the insanity workout and nutrition for about three weeks and I pulled a muscle in my back yesterday so I can’t really do the workouts. I was wondering if I took a break and rested my back if I would be sabotaging myself by continuing the meal plan since I won’t be working out.

    • Jessica says:

      Brianna, I;m sorry about your back :( Definitely rest it, but do some light stretching and light movement like walking. I would keep up with the nutrition plan!! It will help you stay focused and beleive it or not you need to eat to lose weight.

  31. Jessica Morales says:


    I am going onto month 2 of insanity tomorrow… since starting I have not stuck with the nutrition plan but have tried to model my meals after it. I have lost about 5 lbs since starting but my weight fluctuates a lot! So it depends on what time of day I weigh myself. If its in the AM then I lost 5 lbs (165) if its in the pm then I have only lost 3 lbs (168)… which weight should I be focusing on and how can I lose more! I am 5’4, current weight between 165-168 and 31 years old.

    Any nutrition advice or weight lose advice would be great! Thanks for your time.

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Jessica, I always go by the morning weight. But don’t get hung up on weighing yourself daily. Its a bad habit that will make you crazy. It took me a long time to break that one. What you can try to do is drink more water and really stick to the nutrition guide. It won’t hurt!!

  32. Trish says:

    So you are pretty much saying if you don’t follow the nutrition guide you should find another work out program. My husband got me to try Insanity and we are in our third week, but being a VERY picky eater I would have to eat the same things over and over and that would begin to bore me. I have just been reading up on what to eat when doing a work out like Insanity.

    • Jessica says:

      No, I never said that nor did I imply that. But most people don’t look at the book thoroughly in order to get the idea of how many carbs, fats and proteins to eat with each meal. The nutrition guide was written by the nutritionists at Beachbody in conjunction with Shaun Thompson, so I would say it’s best to follow that. If you’re picky you can still follow most of the meals just make minor adjustments and substitute. But for some reason most people don;t even read the book and just assume the meals are difficult…which BTW Insanity has probably one of the easiest meal plans to follow. Good luck with your Insanity journey!!!

  33. Micah says:

    I started INSANITY today for my birthday. I’ve followed the nutrition guide and have all I need for a successful week. After the fitness test and giving everything I had, I am tired and sore. I feel great and can already tell that I’m going to enjoy this program. My question is if I’m tired enough to go to sleep before I have had meal 5 on a day, is it okay to supplement the following day’s meals in order to compensate for the loss of calories on a day? I’m going to do my best in order to stick with this program to the letter, but sleep is also an important factor in recovery and results. I don’t think this will be as much of an issue as I become more accustomed to the program, but I can already tell this program plus my physical job are going to take a heavy toll if I don’t give my body what it wants in terms of food AND sleep. I’m a pretty firm believer that if you have a question there is probably someone else that has the same one. Any advice?

    • Jessica says:

      HI Micah! Sleep is very important and so is making sure you get in enough calories. You can try to add a little more to your days meals to compensate for the missed meal :)

  34. Jeff says:

    I’ve done P90X a couple times. I love it, but I didn’t do the meal plan, because it seemed too complicated and time consuming. I’m now doing Insanity and trying to follow the plan religiously. It seems easier for me to follow. I’d like to do P90X after finishing Insanity, or maybe the P90X/Insanity combination. What I’m wondering is, can I use the Insanity meal plan, calorie formula, etc. when I’m doing P90X or the combo? Thx for your help. I’ve enjoyed reading your site.

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Jeff! P90X has the first phase which is lower carb. So you may want to follow that part of the meal guide for the first 30 days and then you can use the Insanity guide. You can try mixing up the meals too.

  35. Teresa says:

    I eat no grains and no sugar , very low sugar fruit . Can I modify the plan and still have good results. I am a good body weight I just need muscle.

    I look forward to hearing from me

    • Jessica says:

      You can try it. Since Insanity is a lot of intense cardio you will need more carbs than usual. Since you don;t eat grains you will have to take in veggies and root veggies.

  36. john says:

    I’m thinking about starting insanity to lose weight and get in shape I’m 23 6ft3 and 245 lbs is this a good plan for me and will the diet work with my body type and working out to get me down to 190 and ripped?

  37. steve says:

    hi Jessica, I’m planning on starting insanity and worked out with the nutrition guide that I need to be eating 2,251 calories daily. My question is, can I eat healthy foods from the guide in any recipe format, ie: can I make up my own recipes, as long as my calorie intake is 2,251?

    thanks for the help, Steve

    • Jessica says:

      I’d use the recipes as a guide for the amount of fats, proteins and carbs. Yes, you can make your own recipes and if you;re an experienced cook you will know which foods are a good substitute.

  38. Anjelu says:

    Hi, I’ve been doing insanity for almost a week now and I read over the elite nutrition . (2 times) I can afford the ingredients but the problem is , some of ingredients aren’t available on the island I’m living , soo I’m asking what can I eat other than that. -thank you

    • Jessica says:

      Go with what’s available and it’s okay to repeat some meals. Use your best judgement when it comes to substituting ingredients as well.

  39. gary says:

    im doing insanity and im on week 6 im not following the nutrition guide but I am eating healthier will I still see results?

    • Jessica says:

      Honestly…maybe. It really depends on the amount of calories and your metabolism, age, and amount of carbs, proteins, fats.

  40. Marina says:

    Hi Jessica,

    I’m 16, 5’7 and 154 lbs, and I really want to lose weight and tone up with Insanity. I’ve been losing weight with 5:2 fasting and other workouts on YouTube and want to try this. I’m used to eating 1200 calories on a non-fasting day, but according to the guide I need to eat 2100? That’s so much! Surely I’ll gain weight?

    • Jessica says:

      You;re very young to be fasting. At your age you need to take in enough calories to support your development. Also eating too few calories slows the metabolism. I’d go with the 2100

  41. beth masters says:

    Hi I have been doing the Insanity work out on and off due to getting married and Honeymoon for the past 6 weeks. However the last two weeks my husband and I have been following the Nutrition plan too, he has seen weight loss , however I have not, I have put on 2 lbs, which is rather frustrating!! However I am feeling great, my clothes feel looser etc more energy and more toned too!!

    i have always been a bit of a slave to the scales and I don’t want to become this again. I am 32 , 5.5 and weigh 11 stone 4 lbs.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, this is a typical food day for me

    meal 1- weetabix x2 with skimmed milk
    meal 2 – half a wholemeal bagel with low cream cheese , smoked salmon and half a sliced tomato.
    meal 3- small bowl of pasta with meat or salmon
    meal 4- half a bagel with peanut butter
    meal 5- chicken piece – no skin with roasted oven vegetables, cooked in a slight olive oil and seasoning.
    I also drink black coffee , peppermint tea and water.

    My husband bought a protein shake which we have been having half before insanity then the other half after the work out.

    thank you :)

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Beth! Don;t go by the scale!!! It loves to mess with our heads! If your clothes fit great then that’s where you want to go by. Your eating sounds pretty good, however I;d like to see a bit more veggies and a little less of the breads/pasta :)

  42. Russell says:


    On your rest days you still eat from the nutrition guide right???

    I’m guessing the answer is yes but don’t want to presume before I start.

  43. Jhavia says:

    Hi Jessica!I’ve been thinking about doing Insanity and I finally decided to go for it; I start Monday. Right now, I’m reading as much as I can before I get started. Your advice has been great and reading the questions and your responses has been very informative. I’m wondering what my caloric intake should be to lose weight. I’m 25 years old, 5’7, 237lbs, pear shaped. I want to lose weight and tone up. Also, I’m a vegetarian; do you think I can get in adequate protein without using protein powder? And do you think doing Couch to 5k at the same time would be too much?

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Jhavia! When you purchase Insanity it comes with Elite Nutrition. That will give you options for the day. In the book it also goes over vegetarian options as well.

  44. Donna says:

    Hi just on day 3 of insanity is it right that I can’t complete all exercises at the moment because I’m not fit enough, also just wandered how much pasta I should be eating a day I’m 5’0 and weigh 8’8 plse could you advise.

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Donna! You just need to do your best and if you have to stop for breaks you should do that. Each day try to do a tiny bit more.

  45. yazmine says:

    Hi im 5`5 n i weight 165 im douing insanity but .Cant do the meal plan i just dnt have time i eat 3 times a day and like 1 or 2 snaks would that work

    • Jessica says:

      It might work. But you have to make sure you’re taking in the right amount of calories as well as the right combo of carbs, proteins and fats. I suggest signing up for Beachbody Club Membership at http://www.fitiwthjessica.com You can try it for 30 days and if not happy, you can cancel and get a full refund. Plus you also get 10% off all purchases.

  46. yazmine says:

    Hi jessica im 5.5 im 23 and i weight 165 pounds i dnt have the meal plan where can i get sum good recepis? Im on my 2nd week of insanity

  47. Chris Greensmith says:

    Hi Jessica,

    I’m going to be starting insanity soon, the nutritional side is probably what I will struggle with mainly. I’m a big guy and as such get teased at work, the insanity plan is now my goal and not a knee jerk reaction. I am a new father and want to be in great shape for my son. I was wondering how important protein shakes are, if there are and (cheap) shakes you could recommend? Or could I make my own?

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Chris! I applaud you for wanting to get in shape! Okay protein shakes aren’t a requirement, but they do help make life easier if you need to increase your protein. I don;t recommend anything cheap because usually in that area you get what you pay for. But if you do pick one, please go for one without anything artificial at all :)

  48. james says:

    Hi Jessica I just did the calculations for daily requirements and fear they are too high I don’t want to start off eating more than required. I am 30, 171cm(67.3″) and 86kg(190lbs) and I am working out for weight loss 2730 calories that seems a lot compared to what everyone else seem to have. have I misunderstood how to do this?

  49. Rodney says:

    Hi Jessica im 5’8 14 and weigh 155 pounds i have been eating but i don’t understand why i have to eat so much if i’m trying to lose weight and tone up.

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Rodney! People make the mistake of not eating enough thinking they will lose weight. Think of your body like a furnace or fire. If you stop adding fuel it will burn out and not heat. If you add nutritious, whole foods then your body will burn all day. Does that make sense?

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